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Here at home in the Houston area, our buildings can take a beating from the weather. When it comes to high winds and heavy rains that damage or destroy your roof, it’s good to know there’s local roof repair service options like we offer at Region Construction. We’ve been in the roofing installation and repair business for years because honesty, integrity and quality work go into every one of our jobs – and we hope to continue that tradition with you.

At Region, we work with residential homes and commercial businesses, so whether your home or office building needs a complete new roof installation, or sustained damaged and needs roof repair, we can handle the job from start to finish. If you’re ready to take the next step and have your roof looked at for repair or replacement, contact Region Construction today to get started.

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Residential Roofing

Your home is one of the most – if not THE most – important and expensive investments you’ll ever make. It provides both economic stability and financial peace of mind, especially in these uncertain times. Protecting your investment, and what’s inside your investment, makes perfect sense.

Your home’s roof not only covers your home’s interior, keeping it safe, it also covers your family, keeping them safe from the wind, rain, cold, heat, insert whatever Mother Nature can throw at you here.¬†It’s vital that your roof be weatherproof and free of defect so everything underneath it can stay safe.

When it comes to new roof installations or roof repairs, we first need to determine either what type of roof you currently have, or what type of roof you’d like to have installed. The choices are: asphalt, tile, metal, and slate.

The costs vary from material to material, so choosing which is right for you is completely your call, but let us come out and give you the benefits of each to help guide your decision.

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Commercial Roofing

Whether your business is in building ownership, management or maintenance, your business is your livelihood. One of the most important aspects of the building, aside from the people inside of it, is the roof (that just so happens to protect the people inside of it.) If the roof becomes damaged and needs either repair or replacement, you need to move quickly and find a roofing service near you that provides quality work for a fair price. You need Regions Construction.

Commercial re-roofing.¬†This is often the solution to the problem of a damaged roof that has seen better days. Our local Houston weather can cause deep-set damages over time, or simply there’s been a lack of maintenance, and your roof may just be a fixer-upper that needs a re-do.

Re-roofing (roof replacement) isn’t the default answer to roof damage in every case, which is why an inspection is recommended to see the roof first-hand which will help determine the proper course of action. It may be that the roof just needs some repair work done. Call Region today to find out!

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Roofing Installation & Repair

How do you know whether your roof simply needs to be repaired, or if there is too much damage that you need a new roof altogether? It’s not as cut and dry as to give you a simple answer at first glance, so this is why we like to come out and inspect the roof for ourselves to give you a proper solution.

New installation or repair work, we provide unmatched customer service either way. We can work within your budget using quality products that meet or exceed energy requirements to make sure your roof is economically viable and provides a nice ROI for years to come. We also guarantee all of our workmanship should the unthinkable happen and your roof fails to keep the weather out and the comfort in.

Pricing Options

No roof is one-size-fits-all and neither should be the costs for repairs or installation. We can work within your budget to get the job done.

Quality Work

Region provides top quality products combined with unparalleled roofing expertise which means the job is done right, right on time.

Rebates & Incentives

We provide Improvements that may qualify for insurance savings, deductions, or rebates to put money back in your pocket.

Peace of Mind

Like the roof covers everything inside the building, our workmanship is covered with a warranty to ensure a lasting ROI and your peace of mind.

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